Knockdown Damage

On a trip in 2005 from Providenciales, Turks & Caicos back to the Chesapeake, Willow suffered a knockdown east of Cape Hatterass in the Gulf Stream (35 41'N, 75 03'W). The particulars aren't that important, but the damage was pervasive. The cabin shipped seawater, which rushed up the inside port hull as the boat laid on its ear. Everything seemed to work fine for the rest of the trip home. Once back at our slip, I took a hose to the inside of the boat to wash off all the salt. Little by little, systems in the boat started to fail from corrosion issues. The following is a list of items that failed either because of corrosion caused by seawater, the knockdown itself, or is at least close enough in coincidence to warrant me to lump it all together under a single cause.

As with most things, it could have been infinitely worse!