Simpson-Lawrence CQR 45lbs. 200' 5/16" G40 Hi Test
(Acco 5001-40501)
5/8" x 100'   Acco 440640011 New 5/2000

Reversed chain 8/2010

Fortress   FX-23 (Red) 20' 5/16" 3B 5/8" x 210' 3/8" 3/8"  
Danforth Hi-Tensile Fluke 20H 20' 5/16" 3B 1/2" x 220' 3/8" 3/8"  

On swivels, the "jaws" connect to the chain. On the anchor shackle, the pin goes in the anchor shank.

Cable ties mark the anchor rode length. The first 15' of chain has a black cable tie mark. This 15' length helps to "automatically" account for the 5' height of the bow over the water (minimum 3:1 scope). From this point, the anchor rode uses white cable ties to mark every 25' from the black mark. At 25' there is one white cable tie, at 50' two white cable ties, three white cable ties at 75', and four white cable ties at 100'. The pattern starts over again for each of the next 100' sections.

Chain sizes and characteristics



Working Load Limit

Weight / Ft.

$ / foot

BBB 5/16" 1,900 lbs. 1.20 lbs. 2.00
BBB 3/8" 2,650 lbs. 1.70 lbs. 3.00
High Test 5/16" 3,900 lbs. 1.10 lbs. 3.00
High Test 3/8" 5,400 lbs. 1.50 lbs. 3.70

(Working load limit is one-fourth the breaking strength)


Simpson-Lawrence S-L Seatiger, model 0055590, serial number 1076079. Gipsy is RCB70. Gipsy will work with 5/16" BBB, 5/16" Hi-Test (G4) (optimized for this), and 3/8" BBB. Rope must be 5/8".

To grease it, use a waterproof marine grease like that used in boat trailer bearings (available West Marine).

For painting the case, strip off all metal, clean it, coat with a primer suitable for aluminum, then paint with a spray enamel.

Chain stripper is bronze and will seize in the aluminum case casting. Liquid wrench may free it. If not, try to punch out from bottom or drill it out. New chain stripper available from Simpson-Lawrence.

Handle is 36" x 1" x " (model 605520) stainless steel bar stock