AIS Radar

Nasa Marine Ltd. AIS radar, model , serial number N.S.S0910, version S0601-4525-8.35PL3, developer F.G. Everest. Purchased 11/05. Software upgraded 2007 to version T1028 © 2006.


Cetrek (out of business)

Pilot Control - Model 730, serial number 012256/065

Pilot Computer - Model 930609

Compass - 930 580

Hydraulic drive -

Hydraulic Pump

Valve from Vickers (Eaton)

Installed by Middle River Electronics, 410-687-6474, Eric Carl, April, 2000

Schematics are not available from the factory!

The cable from the 930609 Computer to the 730 Pilot Controller:

730 Pin Number Wire Color 930609 Pin Number
1 Red 3
2 Black 6
3 Brown 1
4 Yellow 4
5 Orange 5
6 Purple 2
7 Shield --

* The 730 pins are numbered with the notch at top. Pin 1 is the first pin to the right of the notch, looking at the end of the connector. The pin numbers go around counter-clockwise. Pin 7 is in the center.


StatPower Truecharge 40+

Serial No. B10675353
Purchased 9/28/05

The original I purchased in 1999. It failed after the knockdown in 2005. The seawater corroded the circuitry inside the cover and the unit was not repairable.

40 amps

Depth Sounder

Datamarine S-200DL, S/N 025397. March, 2001 -- I changed the alarm circuit to boost the voltage for the alarm from 8V to 12V. I got the schematics and they didn't agree with the parts and circuits on the PCB. I added a small perf board with a two-transistor alarm amplifier. The depth sounder now has a mechanical buzzer alarm (Star Micronics SMB-12) and a piezo alarm (Radio Shack).

The O-rings for the transducer and the dummy plug are size Dash-127 (ID 1-7/16, OD 1-5/8, Thickness 3/32).


Furuno GP-32

Purchased 4/2002. Serial No. 3462-5752. Software version 01. The NMEA output failed in 5/06 while connecting AIS and VHF. The unit still worked, but no networking capability. Replaced the unit with a new one.

Purchased 5/2006. Serial No. 3470-4889. Software version 03.

Uses antenna GPA017 (GPA-017), serial no. 228334. 10m cable. Current at 12V: 1.7 mA with power "off", 169 mA with backlight of 1, 171 mA with a backlight of 4, 182 mA with a backlight of 6, and 195 mA with backlight at 8.

According to Furuno tech support, the antenna can be shortened (the manual says not to cut). The issue is that the connection has to be a good one. Also, the GPS antenna has to be at least one foot away from the SSB antenna.

Garmin GPS 12XL

Purchased 1999. I love this unit. It acquires quickly regardless of weather and very easy on batteries.

Knot-Log Meter

Datamarine S-100KL, log option A-180. Moved the transducer 18" behind depth sounder and 5" starboard of stem. The transducer is the SX-120.

The S-100KL outputs a 12V pulse every 0.1 miles. I connected this up to a mechanical odometer that I stripped from another device. This device now records nautical miles. I adjusted the wheels in the new log to approximate the number of miles that we've traveled with Willow.

The LCD display is replaceable. The new Datamarine folks sell the display for $50 or you can buy it from Mouser (www.mouser.com) for $4.20 (2007). The LCD display is made by Lumex and is part number LCD-S401C52TF. The Mouser part number is 696-LCD-S401C52TF. The display is easy to change—remove the circuit board, remove the old display from its socket by prying it gently out, and then put the new display in the socket. Make sure that you orient the display the correct way (look carefully at the display to see the orientation).

Link 2000-R

April 2003 -- Link serial number 6846, D/C 1202.

Software version H4.07

4 fuses AGC2 250V. These are used for the battery voltage sensing, power to the monitor, and charging monitoring.

Used to be made by Cruising Equipment and sold by Heart Interface. Both companies were bought by Xantrex Technology.

*** If BAT1 is dead, the Link 2000-R/Ideal Regulator won't work. To fix it, jumper BAT1 to BAT2 at the fuse block (port side engine compartment), start engine, run for 5 minutes, turn off engine, disconnect jumper, restart engine.

The unit emits a lot of EMI noise that affects the SSB reception. I traced it down to a number of issues:


Ideal Regulator

Part No. 84-2006-03, $350!

** The high voltage protection in the Ideal Regulator will fail in a shorted condition if there is a high voltage event, for example, disconnecting the alternator while running. The part is D13, a transient voltage suppressor 1N6280A or 1.5KE24A. This is soldered into the Ideal Regulator board.

A lot of the parts are obsolete. Substitutions:

Link 2000-R Part Substitute Part
MPQ2907 NTE2322
TPQ222A NTE2321
MSP8098 NTE123AP
MPQ6600A1 None!
1N6280A 1.5KE24A
IRF540N MOSFET Still good!

Link 2000 Settings

Setting BATT1 BATT2
Charged V



Charged % 2 2
Batt Cap 440 80


Function Data
01 1
02 0
03 70
04 OFF
05 OFF
06 A087
07 0.5
08 1.24
Function Data Function
09 OFF  
10 110 Alternator current limit
11 OFF Batt #2 used for control
12 130  
13 100  
14 OFF  
15 ON  


Amp-Hour +2 Monitor Terminal Board

Barrier Strip 20-Pin Header
Right Pin Number
20-Pin Header
Wrong Pin Number
(Board Labels)
1 13 4 AGND
2 -- -- COND
3 9 6 Light
4 19 1 12/24V
5 17 2 BATT1 Voltage
6 15 3 BATT2 Voltage
7 7 7 B1SHG
8 5 8 B1SHB
9 3 9 B2SHG
10 1 10 B2SHB


Raytheon RL9 (800-539-5539 NH)

RL9 Mariner Pathfinder Type No. M92557, Display Unit Type No. M92558, s/n LN25798.

Software version 2.3S. Software upgraded for free 12/98. Radar checked at factory July, 1999 and all ok.

Failed 9/05. IC5 (Toshiba TLP121 optoisolator) failed that's used for the CPU to read the standby/transmit key press. I replaced it with an NEC PS2701-1 and it works.

I added a very loud alarm to the radar with a switch so that with the radar in guard mode, the alarm will get everyone's attention.


Icom M710RT with AT130 antenna tuner, installed 4/2000.

Backstay insulators (Sta-Lok) — Top insulator is 3' down from the masthead. The starboard backstay leg has an insulator at the joining plate. The port backstay is connected at the chainplate to the antenna tuner. There is a 6' Teflon rod covering the lower port backstay wire -- 5/16" ID, 7/16" OD. UV resistant based on my three-year simulated UV testing. Around the turnbuckle boot is a 1.5" Davis turnbuckle boot.

Noise Sources and Reduction

Noise Source Conducted Radiated Resolution
Water pumps Yes Yes 0.01µF capacitors on motor leads fixed radiated noise
Refrigeration Yes Yes Power line filter (20 amp) on SSB power leads stopped conducted noise
Voltage regulator No Yes Changed 8-conductor cable from phone cable to cat 5 cable, improved grounds on the metal box
Alternator Yes Yes Improved ground to engine block, added in-line alternator filter
Inverter ?? Yes  
Fans ?? ??  

Radiated noise: If the noise disappears after disconnecting the antenna.
Conducted noise: If the noise does not disappear after disconnecting the antenna. Also, with the volume at minimum, you can hear conducted noise as hum.

The following are acceptable lengths (in feet) for the antenna (including GTO-15) for the range of 1.6 MHz to 30 MHz:

23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 34, 37, 39, 40, 42, 43, 46, 47, 48, 51, 58, 59, 60, 63, 64, 69, 72, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81

I added copper screening to the hull inside the engine compartment. The copper screen was standard grade woven wore cloth, 16x16 mesh, 0.011" wire diameter. I estimate that I added about 22 ft.˛ of copper mesh.


Sony CDX-GT510 AM/FM/CD/iPod plug-in, S/N P-36541935-I, new 1/08. 52W x 4. Must make sure that it goes completely off when the OFF button's pressed or else it draws 0.5A. To do this, make sure that A.OFF is set to 30 seconds.

Cockpit speakers—Proficient Audio System AW400WHT.

L-Pad Pro-Tech 260-264


Lots of digital thermometers around the boat (e.g., water temperature, icebox temperatures, etc.). Using an old Radio Shack model 63-1009 thermometer for each of these readings. It requires one AAA battery. THe thermistor lead is 100KΩ @ 25°C.


Navman 7200US, S/N 4-0-V-12-0077, new 10/05

Metz VHF antenna, 1Ľ" O-ring underneath, 1/8" thick.

RG8X cable

Call sign WCZ6619, MMSI 366777160. You can check to make sure that the international registration is correct at http://www.itu.int/cgi-bin/htsh/mars/ship_search.sh#start

VHF - Handheld

Standard Horizon HX460S, new 2001, failed within 3 weeks and was replaced. Replacement antenna is CAT460.

West Marine VHF100, new 2004, s/n 3G 00052 BG. The radio is made by BG Tech in Korea (www.bgtechamerica.com)

Voltage Regulator (Spare)

Heart Interface incharge 3-stage alternator regulator. SModel 84-2006-00/N 124595. This regulator uses the same alternator cable as the Ideal Regulator with the Link 2000-R. I have plugged this in and tested it. It works, plus it has very low noise on the SSB.

Wind Speed Instrument

Standard Horizon model WS45, S/N 13U600041. Purchased 3/02. Current usage is around 70 mA. With the backlighting on, the current jumps to 100 mA. Looks like this was made by Navman and remarketed by Standard Horizon.

Tri-cup assembly: XUNVM0073
Masthead cable (Navman): AA002615