Boat Hook

Garelick 550088' long x 1" diameter. Bought 4/2013. Lifetime hook warranty. Hook snapped 6/2014 and Garelick replaced the hook.

Boat Lettering

Vessel Name -- 8" high x 36" wide (navy blue). Font is Goudy LT Handtooled.

Hailing Port -- 4" high x 28" wide (navy blue)

Boot Stripe

Z*Spar 64 Medium Green. Also used to paint the cove stripe. (2007)

The horseshoe buoy uses this same same color for its lettering.

Bottom Paint

West Marine CPP-Plus black over red. It takes five quarts to paint the bottom with one coat.

I put on a barrier coat of Woolsey Gold in 1999. Incredibly hard stuff. To get the bottom paint to stick, Pettit recommended "scratch sanding", i.e., leave scratch marks, with 80-grit paper.

The boot stripe gets painted after the bottom paint

Bridge Deck

After getting pooped a few times and one knockdown, I decided to build a proper bridge deck in the cockpit. Here's a few photos and words describing the process.


Cleaner Brands Used For
Acidic FSR, On & OFF Rust and waterline stains
Alkaline Clorox, Castrol Super CLean, Baking soda Grime, oil
Neutral Simple Green, Murphy Oil Soap  
Abrasive Bar Keepers Friend, T.L.Seamarine Cleaner  


Bow mooring cleats: 10", 4 5/16" bolts each, backing plates of 6" x 4"

Stern mooring cleats: 10", 4 5/16" bolts each, backing plates of 4½ x 4"

Main halyard cleat: 7", 2 bolts

Jib halyard cleat: 7", 2 bolts

Cockpit Cushions

Recovered the BottomSiders (see below) with Phifertex PLUS #997108 Grey Sand. On the cushion bottoms, I stitched on some carpet non-skid material.

Bought BottomSiders (May 2000). They work nicely, but there are a few issues with them:

According to BottomSiders, they recommend trying to clean the stains with Tilex or a solution of 25% bleach, 25% vinegar, and 50% water. Before talking with them, I tried mineral spirits (no effect) and MEK (cleaned it instantly, but softened the covering paint). Krylon also makes a spray (Revitalizing Vinyl Spray) that may work for recoating the cushions.


Some notes on building interior cushions:



Deck Leaks

Strange places for deck leaks that I've solved:

Standard Operating Procedure for deck hardware:


Dodger made by Shadetree Canvas, Baltimore MD (2004). The Sunbrella colors are #11 (4611 or 6011) Sea Spray for the body and #37 Forest Green for the binding tape (3/4" width).

MOB pole flag cover is 28" x 3" diameter Sunbrella.

Dorade Boxes

Cowls are 4" wide at the base (threaded) and 12" high. The scoop opening is 8.5" in diameter. The base it screws into is 7" in diameter. I painted the inside of the dorade cowl vents with Rust-O-Leum Hunter Green (2016).

Drill Bit Kit

I created a drill bit kit for the bits needed for tapping and clearance bits. The bits are stored in a roll-up pouch. The following table shows the bits used for each bolt/screw size (coarse size, only):

Screw Size Clearance Bit Tap Bit Length
#4 1/8 3/32  
#5 9/64 7/64  
#6 5/32 7/64  
#8 11/64 9/64  
#10 13/64 5/32  
#12 15/64 11/64  
1/4" 17/64 13/64  
5/16" 21/64 1/4  

Edson Pedestal Steering

Pedestal is 3½" in diameter (the new ones are 4")

Quadrant is held on with four 3/8" x 1¼" stainless steel bolts with lock washers

Lube cable with 30W oil on rag, while feeling for snags. Lube needle bearings on hub with Super Lube.

Spares on Willow:

Part Edson Number
Chain and wire rope assembly (2' 5/8" ss chain, 9' 3/16" wire each leg) 775-2B2D9
Wire rope clamps (4) stainless steel 665ST-250
Take-up eyes (one pack of two) stainless steel 618-1-312

May, 2002 -- rebuilt the steering system (see Gotchas!). Replaced sheave bushings, sheave pins, wire, and chain.

Part Dimensions Edson Number McMaster-Carr
Sheave bushings 5/8" ID x 3/4" OD x 3/4" Length 960-A-472-B 6391K247
Sheave clevis pins 5/8" OD x 1.46" grip length 960-A-1301C  

Emergency Tiller Access - A Nicro Marine 4" deck plate (metal)

March, 2009 - rebuilt pedestal and steering system (including painting pedestal with Interlux Perfection). For the Edson tiller arm for the autopilot, the clevis pin is 12mm (not 0.50") by 40mm usable length. Can't find a spare, so I have in my spares a 12mm partially-threaded bolt and 12mm nuts.


Flag is 24" x 36". Flag is seized to the mizzen topping lift.


The following fabrics and supplies are used on Willow:

Material Sailrite Used For
Shelter-Rite 18oz White.61" 112011 Chafe guard in sail covers, wheel cover, etc.
Seamstick 3/8" Basting Tape 60 yards 129 For basting Sunbrella



2 10.5" x 30" hunter green Super Gard from Taylor Made (2011)
    Line —New England Rope Regatta Light 3/8" single braid polypropylene (NE-1277-09, teal)

1 18" diameter Taylor Made Tuff End #61149

1 18" Scanmarin (Norwegian) NB75


Foredeck - cored with balsawood. Thickness is ¾". The main support in the center of the deck is 1 5/8" thick with wood (not end-grain) core.

Hull thickness in the bilge area at the engine water intake - ¾"

Lockers (Hidden)

Under the liferaft is a small locker that contains a spare water (coolant) pump, a fuel transfer pump, and a spare propane regulator.

Solar Vent

Nicro 3" Day/Night Solar Vent (model N20703S). 700 CFH. New 11/2009. Old one failed after nine years.

Squirt Bottles

Used for acetone, mineral spirits, and distilled water. I use squeeze bottles from McMaster-Carr (4034T45). 16 oz.

Vents — Engine Cowl

Nicro 3" diameter, 4" high.

West System Epoxy

Filler Elongation Tensile Best Uses
404 0.6% 3,200 psi Compression
406 2.1% 5,100 psi Expansion

Figures are for a mixture with the consistency of "peanut butter"

To figure out how much epoxy to use, the following equation from Gougeon can be used:

Gallons (mixed) = A * (0.0075 + 0.00085 * W)

    A - surface area in square feet (ft²)
    W - fiberglass weight in ounces