Ditch Bag

Quantity Item Expiration


Dye marker  


AA-cell batteries 2012
6 Orion Sky Blazer Aerial flares 9/2008
3 Pains Wessex Pinpoint smoke flares (#53910) 9/2002
3 Pains Wessex pinpoint red flares 12/2004
3 Pains Wessex pinpoint red flares 1/2008
5 Space blankets  
1 Signalling mirror  
1 Distress flag  
1 Compass  
180 Waterproof matches  
2 Whistles  
1 LED flashlight with batteries (AA) 2012
1 12 gauge flare gun  
3 12 gauge white meteor flares 5/2002
3 12 gauge red meteor flares 11/2001
3 12 gauge red meteor flares 10/2004
1 121 MHz EPIRB  
10 Power bars (food)  
1 Buck knife  
1 Plastic cup  
2 Lighters  

Emergency Tiller

Steel pipe 1 11/16" diameter, 3/16" wall thickness. The rudder post fitting is 1" x 1" square. The tiller is stored on the underside of the deck in the starboard cockpit locker.


ACR Category II/ Class I 406 MHz EPIRB (new 2/2000), model 2759, s/n 34445 mfg. date 9907, registration ADCE021A34C2401.

The EPIRB is now "dead" and destroyed. The lesson is to replace the battery, regardless of when it needs it, at year 9. After 10 years, ACR will no longer allow battery replacements in their EPIRBs.

First Aid Kit

Medical Sea Pak - Excursion Pak Soft Case


Onboard Medical Handbook, Gill
Advanced First Aid Afloat, Eastman/Levinson
The American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook
Merck Manual of Medical Information - Home Edition

Horseshoe Buoy

Cal-June Horseshoe Buoy (model 920). A replaceable cover is no longer available (2016) because of a USCG rule! Hence, I replaced the old one with a new one (2016).

The letters on the buoy are 3" high and use a modified Goudy LT Handtooled font. The color is the same as the boot stripe (Z*Spar 64 Medium Green).


1" webbing with Wichard fitting on one end. Each line is 35' long. Connected from the bow cleat to a padeye just forward of the pushpit.

New 2004

Life Raft

Winslow LifeRaft Company - Bought 4/13/2000. Six person, offshore model.

Other safety equipment packed onboard raft:



Stanchions are 1" diameter x 24" long. The lifelines are at 12" and 24" off the deck. The lifeline holes have welded inserts.

Stanchion braces are 7/8" diameter. The brace base is 9" from the stanchion (11" center-to-center).

Stanchion bases are 2" x 3" x 2" high.

The following table has the  distance between the stanchions from the bow to the stern (symmetrical on port and starboard):

Name Distance Notes
1 6.25' From bow pulpit to stanchion. The base is in backwards!
2 8.5'  
3 8' Forward side of gate
4 2' Gate width
5 9' Gate to stern pulpit (pushpit)

I replaced the two forward gate stanchions (2003) with two new ones of my own design from Tops-In-Quality. The order number was 19873 and it was for a "58000 gate stanchion w/o bases w/ fiberglass rod insert per specs". I used new stanchion bases with these gates from Suncor (S3610-0000).

Each stanchion base — four -20 x 1" carriage bolts with 4" x 6" x " 6061 aluminum backing plates. I cut square holes for the carriage bolts with a tungsten Dremel bit.

Replaced the vinyl-coated lifelines with Sta-Set T-900 " white line (2003). Next time, use 5/16" line for the uppers and " for the lowers. I did a core-to-core splice on one end around a nylon thimble. I then prestretched the line with the main halyard winch. On the other end, I seized an eye into the line. I attached the lifelines to the pulpit and gate stanchion with 1/8" Yale Pulse (spectra) lashings and frapping turns.


Tubing diameter 1".
Four pads, each with three carriage screws, screws are " x 1".

Hole for wire from bow light is only on the starboard side.

New pulpit designed and installed in 2004 with extra horizontal supports on port and starboard sides


Tubing diameter 1".
The opening between the deck and the rail is 22".

Safety Harnesses

Three adult, two kids, one adult harness/inflatable PFD

Scott's safety harness -- ACR Firefly Rescue Light, Model ACR/4G, battery LLB-1 (new 5/1999)