Cabin and Galley


Magma Products - A10-207 14", purchased 05/2009.

Bridge Deck

The cabin side of the bridge deck is finished using a plastic laminate (like Formica) from Wilsonart Laminate. The color is "Fleece" and is color number D436-60. The color is very close to the gelcoat color in the cabin (as close as I could get it).

Cabin Sole

Finished with Ultimate Sole finish (05/2008). High coefficient of friction. Sanded down the sole, coated with two coats of Minwax wood sealer, and then four coats of Ultimate Sole. (no longer in business!).

For new floorboards (2012) I used two coats of Minwax wood sealer and four coats of Circa 1850 Bowling Alley Finish Polyurethane Clear Gloss.


Main cabin cabinet doors are made from mahogany. The hinges are from ABI and are stamped with the number 7612-2. These corrode and stop working.

Replace hinges as needed with Sea-Dog semi-concealed stainless hinge 201914-1. These use five #6 flat head screws per hinge. They come in packs of two.



Material is Sunbrella ComfortSling Pearl Natural Rib (54"). Bought in 2005 17 yards. For the bottom of the cushions, using Cushion Underlining Gray (9 yards). Material bought from Sailrite.




There are five black Hella Turbo Fans (model 87176 or 8EV 003 361-002) -- galley, port settee, starboard settee, port V-berth, and starboard V-berth. Two-speed operation. Low speed uses 140 mA and moves 150 CFM of air. High speed uses 220 mA and moves 200 CFM of air.

There are two black Hella Jet Fans (model 87178 or 8EV 006 239-002) -- nav station and port V-berth. Single speed operation. The fan uses 270 mA and moves 85 CFM of air.


ABI Turning Lock Lift Handle 2020BR (Item# 330310).


Cups -- "Yachting Tableware", red bottom, anchor pattern, rough surface

Plates -- "Yachting Tableware", Compass rose pattern, red letters & numbers, blue points. We have ten 8" plates and six 10" plates

Bowls -- "The Galleyware Co.", #1400 blue

8" and 10" cast iron skillets

Presto pressure cooker

1-qt. Cuisinart saucepan, model 719-14 (stainless steel).
2-qt. Cuisinart saucepan, model 719-18 (stainless steel).
3.5-qt. Blue enamelware straight pot (GSI Outdoors model 18203)

Galley Sink

Inner dimensions: 14"L x 10"W x 6"Deep

Outer dimensions: 17"L x 13"W x 6"Deep

If wanted, I can add 1" to length, 4" to width, and 8" to depth. If going deeper by more than a couple of inches, it will put the sink bottom below the water line.


Main Cabin Hatch

Inside Dimensions 23 1/4" long (fore-aft) and 21 1/2" wide. Frame around hatch is 2 1/8" wide. Depth from ceiling to plexiglass is 3 1/2"
Plexiglass is white with dimensions of 27 7/8 x 29 1/4 x "
Hatch holder: Model 0115-1, supports 100 lbs., 11 3/4" long, 7/8" OD spring, 0.100" wire, pretension > 15 lbs. Moonlight Marine Corp.

V-Berth Hatch

Inside Dimensions 23 3/4" long (fore-aft) and 21 3/4" wide. No frame around hatch.
Plexiglass is white with dimensions of 27 5/8 x 29 1/8 x "
Hatch holder: Model 0115-1, supports 100 lbs., 11 3/4" long, Moonlight Marine Corp.

Hatch Latches

Moonlight Marine model 0100-2. The screw for the pivot point is a 5/16-18 x 1" pan head machine screw. The head on the standard screw has been reduced in size. I have replaced these with knurled-head screws so that I can remove them to open the hatch fully.


The weatherstripping is an extruded rubber (not foam). I have not been able to find a source for weatherstripping. However, I did find a place that will make a die and extrude it -- Jerry Belsha at A Glass Act, Long Beach, CA 888-432-4312, fax 562-495-9503. To do the two cabin hatches and the lazarette would be around 25'. hatch-weatherstripping.GIF (17205 bytes)



Mirror 12" x 12" x ", glass

Shower curtain track (Recmar 4121) — from Recmar Products, Houston, TX (713) 944-4885

Ladder - Swim

Tops-In-Quality, new May 2001. It uses 1" crutch tips for the boat standoffs.

Oil Lamp

Weems and Plath  Mini Trawler Lamp, chimney number 20211, 1-5/8" diameter. Wick is 48mm (1.89") wide.

Oven and Range

Hillerange, model 3131 s/n 29509

Gas Systems Inc. (Out of business 10/98)
5361 Production Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1522
Phone: (714)891-2411

Now handled by Seaward Products, Inc.

Changed over from CNG to propane 2001.

The burners in the stove will not allow any finer control of the flame size. The problem is with the "old-style" valves. Newer valves won't work because they use thermocouple feedback, etc. Oh well.

The gas control valves are probably made by Robertshaw.


Opening porthole in head and V-berth -- interior inside size of 5 1/8" x 11", exterior inside size of 5" x 11". Corner radius is 1.5" The gasket is rectangular in cross section and is a solid extrusion of 5/16" square. Glass thickness is 0.228" and is bedded in 0.050" of caulk on both sides.

Name Length Height Thickness Frame Manufacturer
Cabin aft (x4) 25.5" 9.5" 3/8" Rostand - 16A
Cabin forward (x4) 12.1" 6" 3/8"  
Head opening port       Rostand - 16


Large Ports Small Ports

All portholes have new Plexiglas and rebedded in 2002 with Dow Corning 795. In addition, all the gaps between the liner and the cabin top were backfilled with an epoxy mixture to prevent water leaks from getting into any lockers.



Installed two 20-lb. steel tamks into the new propane locker (2/2001) in the aft part of the port cockpit seat.

LPG Regulator -- wall-mount Trident Marine 1211-1401 with 20" pigtail and 3/8" FPT outlet. (made by Marshall Brass Co., Marshall, MI, Model 230)

LPG Straight-Thru Hose fitting -- Trident Marine 1438-8439

LPG Straight-Thru wire fitting -- Trident Marine 1438-8876

LPG low pressure hose -- 30 ft. long with flare fittings on both ends.

LPG Pigtail hose Trident Marine 1014-1401-20, 20" long

Propane Gas Control System, P/N 8071 Blue Sea Systems. 1/4" NPT female ports. 8/02 Talked with Scott McEniry ( and he acknowledged problems with the valve and that they're looking for a new supplier. To order the solenoid only, it's P/N 8075. System includes panel and solenoid. The solenoid -- Advanced Fuel Components, Inc., Marshall, MI 12VDC 1.0A 312 psi, Model 121 (they do not return calls!)

As far as I can find, there are only two propane tank manufacturers in the US. One of them is Worthington Cylinders (Ohio) ( The other one is Manchester Tank (Tennessee) ( Seaward, Trident, etc. buy their tanks from these folks. If these two companies don't have the size you need, then you're not going to be able to get it.

Propane facts:

1 gallon of liquid propane = 4.25 lbs.

1 pound of propane produces 21,591 BTUs

1 gallon of propane produces 91,600 BTUs

1 kilowatt = 3,413 BTUs/Hr.

A 20 lb. tank has the potential for 126 kilowatts


Sea Frost

Sea Frost BD unit installed 5/2010.

Carel Setting

Seawater Temperature ST1 P1
80F 16 3
70F 18 3
54F 24 3


Volume: 3.4 cu. ft.
Drains: two 5/8" ID
Hose to sump pump: 1/2" ID

5" starboard, 3" aft, 5" fwd, 9" bottom upper, 4 1/2" bottom lower, 4" port (engine), 2" top frame, 3" lid
Modified (1999) - Filled airgaps on fore, aft, and port sides with spray foam. Filled space below icebox with spray foam. Added 1 more inch to icebox lids. Added 2" of insulation under top frame.

Assuming an average of 4" of insulation, the theoretical heat load is 1,650 BTUs/day. If it was 3", then the heat load would be 2,000 BTUs/day.


Cabin sole rugs: 18" x 25" outside head; galley and table area 35" x 22".


Under liferaft Drill oil/fuel pump, spare propane regulator, shore power cord adapters.


Approximate dimensions pdf.gif (1520 bytes)