Deck Fill

Wilcox Crittenden -- stamped with 1 1/4 on inside of cap. The O-ring is 1" ID x 3/32" thick. Talking with them, they know nothing about these older deck fills, i.e., why do my o-rings get chewed up in six months, why the o-ring thickness changed to a thicker o-ring (wider groove in cap), etc.

Galley Faucet

Phoenix P5432A. Uses P82 washerless cartridge. O-ring for spout is a #11 (3/4" x 9/16" x 3/32").

Head Compartment


Scandvik model 10443. Chrome flex hose (Scandvik 10286) is 6' long. I modified the sprayer holder by adding a small set screw threaded through the faucet body into a groove I cut on the sprayer. This setup eliminates the sprayer moving around from side to side while underway yet it's still easily removed for showering.

Do not keep the sprayer under pressure. The flex chrome hose will explode.

The connection to the faucet is via rigid supply tubes (copper) using a compression fitting. I had the rubber compression fitting blow off (10/2010). Replaced them with brass compression fittings.

Holding Tank

Holding tank -- triangular height (22" high, 21" base, 25" hypotenuse, 15" long). Volume is about 2 cubic ft. (~15.75 gallons). Vent hose is 5/8" x 8ft. (hose & through hull new, 8/1999)

Toilet (Head)

Raritan PH head (old design with multi-turn inlet valve). I removed the LWS spring on the input (9/98), which allowed more water into the head. I replaced the pump unit with the PHII pump assembly (3/1999). Rebuild kit: PHRKIIC.

Inlet pipe: 3/4" ID barb
Outlet pipe: 1 1/2" ID barb

According to Raritan, each pump stroke (i.e., up and down) of the PHII moves approximately 1 pint (approximately 1 gallon in 10 seconds). With 1" ID hose, 1 pint is 16" length of hose.



ID OD Hose Clamp Size
Potable, reinforced 1/2" 11/16"  
Potable, reinforced 5/8" 7/8"  

For PVC adapters to hose, see Sealand Technology. A 90 bend kit  for 1" hose is part number 307-230311.


Raritan Lectra/San MC (installed 5/2001), serial number MC 004281 0900. Rebuilt 6/2009 -- electrode pack, motor seals.

Seawater -- 4.3 oz. salt per gallon of water (~4% salinity). Solar salt dissolves more readily than table salt and is cheaper! Add  cup salt per flush in brackish water.

10-12 pump strokes delivers about 1 to 1 1/4 gallons.

According to Raritan, use the Raritan Concentrate to deodorize and lube the system. Either use the metered system (TWK Kit) or add the concentrate to the salt tank.

Every six months, use muriatic acid (31% HCl) to clean the system per the instruction sheet.

The salt tank should be above the water line with a valve on the output to regulate the salt flow into the toilet. Too much salt will burn out the electrode pack!

To test the electrode pack, measure the voltage drop across the shunt on the control module (1" x 3" metal on forward side of tank). During the treatment cycle, the voltage should be between 16 and 26 millivolts. If the reading is noticeably less than 16 millivolts, the electrode pack is probably bad. You can buy Raritan Lectra/San parts from in Chester, MD.

I replaced the electrode pack on 8/8/02. The voltage reading was 11 mV. I replaced it again in 6/2009. The reading was 9.8 mV.

Replaced the macerator motor in 9/2012. The motor failed by effluent leaking into the shaft seal. The replacement part is 32-101AW ($240), which includes the motor, shaft seals, and shaft bushings. Raritan said that there's no reason to replace the cover gasket. I also replaced all the cover screws with Philips screws to make assembly/disassembly easier.


Current (Raritan)

Current (Measured)

Mixer motor 3 - 4A 4.3A
Macerator motor 5 - 7.5A 8.7A
Electrode pack 19.5A 19A

Fuses: MDL 6.25, MDL 30, MDL 35 (only available at Fawcetts and Raritan). I replaced the MDL 35 fuse with an ATC 35 amp fuse.


  1. Flush out system with three complete cycles and flushes of plain seawater.
  2. Flush toilet dry.
  3. Add one pint of Muriatic acid to two gallons of fresh water.
  4. Pour solution in head and flush dry without using Lectra/San
  5. Pour one gallon fresh water into bowl, but don't flush.
  6. Let it all sit for 45 minutes.
  7. Pump head 120 times with seawater (minimum of 10 gallons of water).
  8. Run a Lectra/San cycle.

Treatment Control Panel Raritan P/N 31-603 REV 0497
RJ-45 Pinout:

Pin Function
1 R1 Right
2 D1 cathode
3 D3 cathode/Reset switch
4 D2 cathode/Flush switch
5 R1 Center (wiper?)
6 LED anodes/Switch common
7 R1 Left
8 Not used

Replacement fuse block: Bussmann 4532 3-pole (~$25)


Galley sink drain strainer gasket -- 3 1/2"

Galley sink drain hose is 1 1/2" ID. The seacock for it is 1 1/2" (pipe size).

Pressurized water hose ID is 1/2".

Cockpit and side deck drains use 1 1/2" ID hose to a 1 1/4" seacock.

Seacock Location Size/Model Other
Engine seawater intake Main bilge " intake strainer to Conbraco 78-115-01F " full-flow seacock. (Replaced 1/2001)
Groco ARG-750-S raw water strainer.
Groco SSC-750 engine flush kit adapter.
20 GPM @ 20 In-Hg pressure drop. " NPT pipe ports.
New basket SS-69-C 4/2011
Seawater intake Main bilge " intake strainer to Conbraco 78-115-01F " full-flow seacock. (Installed 1/2001). Used for all seawater uses exclusive of engine cooling.
Groco ARG-500-S raw water strainer. (new 2/2001). Strainer replacement basket SS-69-B. O-ring 2" ID x 1/8".
12 GPM @ 20 In-Hg pressure drop. " NPT pipe ports. " ID hose.
Head discharge Head sink Conbraco 65-BN8-06 1" thru-hull to Conbraco 78-116-01F 1" full-flow seacock. (Installed 2/2001). Conbraco 65-907-54 1" to 1" hose 90 pipe to hose adapter
Sink discharge Head sink Wilcox-Crittenden 1" seacock. Rebuilt 3/2001  
Sink discharge Galley sink Conbraco 65-BN8-06 1" thru-hull to Conbraco 78-116-01F 1" full-flow seacock. (Installed 2/2000).  
Port deck discharge Nav station Wilcox-Crittenden 1" seacock. Rebuilt 3/2001  
Port cockpit discharge Engine compartment Wilcox-Crittenden 1" seacock. Rebuilt 3/2001 Scuppers are ABI 570277 stainless steel (installed with new bridge deck)
Starboard deck and cockpit discharge Engine compartment Wilcox-Crittenden 1" seacock. Rebuilt 3/2001 The starboard deck and cockpit drain are plumbed to a single seacock
Aft cockpit drains (x2) Cockpit sole 1" hose Thru-hull above the water line



Manual - Whale Gusher 10 MKII Pump (Imtra is importer 508-995-7000). Replaced pivot pin kit 12/98 (AS3719). Spare kit AK3706 (rebuilt 12/98). Hose size 1.5"
            - Guzzler 400 located under cabin sole (installed 2007)

Electric - Rule 1100 GPH, 15' of 1 1/8" hose (above bottom of bilge)
            - Rule 750 GPH (Rule-Mate), 3/4" hose (at bottom of bilge)

Sump - Rule 360 GPH, 3/4" hose


Fresh water pump: Shurflo Model 8050-204-033. 1.6 GPM @ 30 PSI

A small air leak at the input to the pump will cause poor flow and pressure out of the pump. You can hear this leak when the pump turns off — it sounds like "fizzing" inside the pump.

Accumulator Tank: Shurflo Model 181-203 (24 oz.). Installed 4/01. Charge it to 20 PSI. Fittings 1/2"-14F-NPT.

Seawater pump -- Shared with washdown pump to a Scandvik tap (103100-RC). Ports 1/2-14 NPSM-Male

Foot pump : Whale Gusher MkIII Galley Foot Pump. Service kit AK0553. Piston & operating spring kit AS0556.

Whale Flipper Pump - Service kit AK0405


Johnson AquaJet WD5.2  12V

Washdown Fitting

Installed flush-mount deck fitting to port of the windlass (6/2010). I bought the fitting from New Found Metals (

Apparently, but not confirmed, this is the same unit as the Jabsco 31911-0000.

    Spares:   Extra 3/4" GHT male hose adapter (blue)    31911-0002
                  Service kit                                                   31911-0003 

Water Filter

Drinking water filter is plumbed into the cold tap at the galley sink. The filter housing is a GE SmartWater GX1S01C. Housing o-ring W3OSX10001 (3-5/16" ID X3-9/16" OD) or Culligan OR-38.


Description Spec
Size 9-3/4" x 2-7/8"
Micron rating 0.5 micron
Flow rate 1 gpm @ 3.7 psi
Replacement 2,000 gallons
Purchased from

Note; The GE filter (FXULC) has a restrictor that seriously slows down the water flow (0.6gpm). Don't use.

Water Heater

Heat Transfer Products SuperStor SS6M, 6 gallons (new 2005)

14" diameter x 16" high.

Pressure relief valve: Robertshaw Tempstat Model TP1100-1 Size 3/4"     75psi @ 210.

I plumbed the water heater from the fitting near the thermostat housing as the coolant source to the water heater. For the return, I put a T-fitting on the coolant return line from the heat exchanger to the block.

Water Tanks

Forward Tank - 64 gallons (measured, standard, not imperial). Clorox 2 TBSP.

Aft Tank - 25 gallons (measured, standard, not imperial). Clorox 1 TBSP

Recommended Clorox addition from Clorox web site -- 1 teaspoon (1/6 oz or 5 ml) per five gallons (however, increase this to per 10 gallons of water for better taste). One cap full is one tablespoon (TBSP).

With the family on board and showers everyday, we average 2 gallons per person per day.