Size Screw Size


Bow 10" 5/16" FH 4-hole open-base aluminum
Stern 8" 5/16" FH 4-hole open-base aluminum
Midship 10" 5/16" FH 4-hole open-base stainless steel
Traveler - Cam Cleat Harken 150 #10  
Mizzen sheet - Cam Cleat Harken 150 #10  

According to Skene's, the minimum cleat size for a line is 1" of cleat size for each 1/16" of line diameter. For example, a 5/16" line needs a minimum 5" cleat.

Mizzen Sheeting

Garhauer 30-16 SL (single block with becket and snap shackle), 30-03US (two-sheave fiddle block with swivel shackle). 4:1 advantage. Attached to Hydrovane and end of mizzen boom. Sheet goes under boom to gooseneck, turns down with Harken 40mm carbo block (2636) to bottom of mizzen mast, turns up with Harken 40mm Carbo block (2636) to a Harken Cam-Matic 150 cam cleat.


Location Manufacturer Model Fasteners Other
Boom vang attachment Schaefer 78-99 5/16" x 2" flat head bolts (2) 5,000 lbs. SWL (old 78-25 bent) standard Schaefer backing plate
Port shroud Schaefer 78-25 3/8" x 1" carriage bolts (2) 3,000 lbs. SWL, 6"x3"x" Al 6061 backing plate
Starboard shroud Schaefer 78-25 3/8" x 1" carriage bolts (2) 3,000 lbs. SWL, 6"x3"x" Al 6061 backing plate


Pedestal Steering

Edson, serial number 18200. Repainted (Matterhorn White Interlux Perfection paint) and rebuilt 3/2009, including new idler sheave plate.


Component Lubricant Schedule
Sheave bearings 30W oil* Monthly
Wire rope 30W oil Annually
Roller chain 30W oil Annually
Pedestal shaft bearings Teflon (use syringe) Annually

*Or use diesel motor oil.

Wheel diameter is 32", tubing size is 7/8".

Sprocket rolling chain 5/8"-#50, spacing of 2.2" per link. The wire is 1/4". Use a thimble at the take-up eyes (Edson). Two wire rope clamps with the "U-bolt" on the bitter end. Tighten them until the wire deforms.

Tension the wire so that there is 1" of deflection per 1' of free run (Edson).

The idler sheaves are all (4) B-218, 6" diameter. The Oilite bearings are 5/8" ID, 3/4" OD, and 3/4" length. The clevis pins are 5/8" diameter x 1.45".

Changing the control cables is next to impossible! Use an awl to align the cable carrier in the pedestal before inserting the screw. The cable to use for both throttle and transmission is a Teleflex 3300. 10 foot cable works fine.

Pedestal guard is 1" OD and 10.5" across from outside edges.

Roller Furling

Hood System Sea Furl 5 (installed 5/05). Hood Yacht Systems (Bowmar Pompanette) 800-723-2766 (St. Petersburg, FL www.pompanette.com)

The two forward fairlead block for the roller furling line is a Schaeffer 300-35. The rest of the blocks are Schaefer 506-44 Clearstep outside lead furling block (<= " line, 750 SWL). The line is a double braid with 20' of the core removed at the drum end.

For easier furling, make sure that the forestay has sufficient tension, bearings turn easily without binding, and the blocks turn easily.

Whisker Pole

Amco Marine 11.92 to 19.75' long, 2.5" & 2" tubes, line control. Amco marine was bought by Forespar and no longer exists.

Winches, Blocks, Etc.

Winch Type/Size Power Ratio Location Spares Kit Line Size Fixing Comments
1st 2nd
Lewmar 42ST ?? 42.2:1 Port jib sheet 19700200

3/8" to 5/8" (10-16mm)

5/16"-18 x 2" FH SS screw  
Andersen 52ST 3.2:1 10.5:1 Starboard jib sheet 710008

5/16" to 5/8" (8-16mm)

5/16"-18 x 3" FH SS screw  
Lewmar 16 7.9:1 16:1 Main halyard        
Lewmar 16 7.9:1 16:1 Jib halyard        
Lewmar 8 7.9:1 -- Roller furler (port)        
Lewmar 8 7.9:1 -- Mainsail reefing on boom       Ronstan RF59 deadeyes with ferrules.
Lewmar 6 6.8:1 -- Mizzen halyard        
Barlow 23 pdf.gif (1520 bytes) ?? 24:1 Main sheet       Drum is 3" diameter

Standard handle length of 10". Size 6 winch power computed with 8" handle

Winch handles -- Lewmar model 29141121 (Chrome Winch Handle Lock-In (forged)). Rebuild kit 29140013 (lock-in mechanism).

For rebuilding the winches, use hi-temp wheel bearing grease for all gears (same as windlass). Use 3-in-1 oil or other light oil for pawls and springs.

Power Ratio = 2 x handle length x gear ratio drum diameter

Main sheet stop -- Lewmar 1/2" to 9/16" model 2910-1014

Traveler Hardware
Manufacturer Part Number Quantity Description
Harken 1509 1 Car (midrange long) (replacement ball bearings 1526 -- 60 all bearings)
Harken 1515 2 Double block
Harken 1519 2 Double sheave traveler control (midrange)
Harken 1525 2 Trim cap
Harken 1511 1 High-beam track (1-1/16" x 5', midrange)
Harken 1985 2 Dodger block conversion kit
Harken 222 2 Upright lead block

Bull's eye fairleads on boom for reefing lines -- Ronstan RF59.